Zigna Analytics was incorporated in the year 2000. We can help provide data science as a service across all domains. Our main aim is to provide analytical solutions that will help further your strategic initiatives and /or gain operational efficiency. A team of data scientists, analysts and programmers design and execute on a customized solution tailored for your specific needs. Handling the 3V’s of data – Velocity, Volume, and Variety – and driving actionable insights is our expertise.

Our Team Approach

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Our team has an experience of more than 15 years and comprises of data scientists, statisticians, analysts, and programmers. Main focus for our organization is to aid you in your journey of ‘Last Mile of Analytics’. Analytical products can only go a certain distance but there are always needs that are unmet. We understand these challenges and partner with our clients to focus on their needs. Our capability to seamlessly deploy cost-efficient analytical solutions with rapid turnaround times have emerged as a source of value to our customers. Flexible delivery service models and customized analytics that fit our client needs is our forte.

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